Dr. Shivajan Sivapalan: Culturally appropriate mental health services for racialized immigrant families

As a tutor and music teacher for underprivileged youth in Scarborough, in the final year of his undergraduate studies in Toronto, Dr. Shivajan Sivapalan met many families— and was shocked to learn they were often misguided or ill-informed about mental health. Dr. Sivapalan met a child on the Autism spectrum, who was of Indian background. “The family wasn’t sure what Autism was or meant . . . The mother had never heard the word before. And the worst part was that she felt it was her fault that her child was on the spectrum.” This was a life-changing encounter for Dr.

Seeking Student Research Participants: South Asians in the Media

This graduate research study is approved by the IRB at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Participate in a two-part study that involves answering questions about your background, attitudes and experiences. The first part is an online survey where you will be entered in a lottery drawing for the chance to win one of four $50 VISA gift cards. The second online survey will ask about your reaction to various popular TV shows. After completion, you will be entered in a lottery drawing for the chance to win one of eight $100 VISA gift cards.

Seeking Research Participants: The Impact of Social Networks on Work-Life Choices of South Asian Women in Canada

This doctoral research study is conducted by Anju Philip, PhD Candidate from the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph.

We are seeking participants for a two-part study investigating the meaning of work-life balance to currently or previously employed South Asian women living in Canada. This study also seeks to explore the personal networks that South Asian women belong to, and to what extent these networks impact their diverse choices surrounding work and life.

Thank you! on snowy campus background

CIRCLE at Club Days 2023

CIRCLE would like to thank all of the students who visited our table at the University of Guelph’s Club Days on January 18–19. It was our first time participating in the event and we loved meeting each of you. We received great questions about what we do and saw keen interest in opportunities with CIRCLE as a networking and development resource.

We look forward to getting to know students and faculty through our weekly Chai drop-ins on Thursdays at 10 a.m. (9th floor, MacKinnon Building).

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