Core Program Areas

The Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement's (CIRCLE) activities and resource mobilization are organized around five inter-connected core areas that are themselves anchored around three pillars—research, learning and engagement. CIRCLE’s vision, program areas and priorities are consistent with the University’s goal to Improve Life, and with a number of the themes and areas of focus identified in the University's Strategic Framework. These core program areas are intentionally broad to be inclusive of a wide range of research interests, needs and potential activities.

Catalyzing interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research

Bringing together thinkers from diverse fields to generate big ideas that will lead to innovative interdisciplinary research on India and the Indian diaspora.

Fostering networks and partnerships

Intentionally connecting with a growing network of researchers, students, community members and other actors to create and share knowledge.

Cultivating curiosity about India

Generating curiosity about India and its vast diaspora in Canada and abroad to go beyond stereotypes, explore contemporary and historical matters, and engage in meaningful knowledge exchange.

Knowledge gathering and sharing

Gathering, sharing and promoting knowledge for further knowledge generation.

Engaging communities

Engaging communities in India and of the diaspora as active participants in the development, implementation and sharing of research in ways that respects community needs, knowledge, and resourcefulness.