Funding for Masters Students

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences at the University of Guelph is offering two masters-level fellowships.

Project on tourism, citizen science, digital nature, and snow leopard tracking in the Indian Himalayas

One fellowship of up to $8,000 per year for two years is available for an applicant to join a project on tourism, citizen science, digital nature, and snow leopard tracking in the Indian Himalayas. The project is led by Professor Karine Gagné.

Successful Defense by Ashna Jassi

Ashna Jassi successfully defended her PhD dissertation, "Caring for Elderly Canadian Punjabis: Understandings and Contributions of Adult Sons and Daughters" on 08 September 2022. She convocated from the Applied Social Psychology program on 11 October 2022. Her PhD dissertation advisory committee included Saba Safdar, Sharada Srinivasan and Paula Barata. Ashna's dissertation included two studies, which add to growing evidence of the involvement of Punjabi adult daughters in caring for their own elderly parents and parents-in-law in Canada.


We are seeking SIX curious, engaged undergraduate students at the University of Guelph to participate in a pilot virtual connection activity with students at Indian universities in 2022–23.

You can register here. The deadline to register is Friday, 30 September 2022.


Honorary degree to Bina Agarwal

Bina Agarwal, Professor of Development Economics and Environment, University of Manchester, received an honorary degree from the University of Guelph, and delivered the convocation address on June 14th, 2022. Here's the video of the ceremony and address:

Parasitic Oscillations by Madhur Anand

Madhur Anand's new collection of poems is out

Madhur Anand's new collection of poems is out. This book examines various aspects of human life in the epoch of Anthropocene. Anand is a professor in the School of Environmental Sciences and a CIRCLE member. Read more here.

ICSSR Lecture Series

Dr. Helen Hambly was a discussant to Prof. Ashwani Kumar's lecture Disenfranchised Migrants and Citizenship. This was a part of the ICSSR Lecture Series.

Recording of lecture and discussion:

Successful Defense by Elisa Cooper

On September 17th, Elisa Cooper successfully defended her MSc. thesis in Capacity Development and Extension, entitled Transforming Ourselves and Transforming Our Community: A case study of learning theory and practice within Society of the Universal Learner in Bihar, India.  Thesis advisor: Dr. Helen Hambly

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