Vikas Swarup: Not only to make a living, but also to make a life

The world needs more well-rounded, versatile and open-minded young people than it needs unquestioning idealogues, says this year’s U of G honorary degree recipient, Vikas Swarup. This well-known diplomat and hugely successful writer, whose book Q&A was the basis for the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire, presents these qualities in the character Jamal Malik, played by actor Dev Patel, who uses such traits to rise to stardom.

Gwen Chapman: The Importance of India in Internationalization and Global Engagement at the University of Guelph

In the post-pandemic world, international engagement and research collaboration may look quite different than in the past. We’ve learned how easy it can be to communicate with colleagues around the world in real time, without needing to travel. Well-attended international webinars, guest lectures by non-Canadian speakers, and virtual annual lectureships have prevailed.

So, can CIRCLE be a hub for such future research endeavours at Guelph?

Sharada Srinivasan: Getting to the root of understanding and changing gender norms

Many countries today make gender issues a priority. That's a testament to the impactful gains made by gender advocates the world over.

But deep-rooted issues remain – among them, the wage gaps between men and women, inequalities in land ownership and access to other resources, stagnant and declining women's labor force participation, and violence against women.

Andrea Paras: Towards interculturally competent humanitarianism

Heart-to-heart connections, an openness to differences, and busting myths are all part of being interculturally competent. Dr. Andrea Paras, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, believes intercultural competence is learned, not instinctive. In other words, it must be taught…and she's committed to helping it flourish.

Mark Spagnolo: A performance halfway around the world

For travelers, India is a site of curiosity.

For international students, it's a destination likely to reveal new knowledge.

And for multi-instrumentalist Mark Spagnolo, India was the site of a gig that reverberated like no other.

Manjusri Misra: A sustainability pioneer with timely expertise

Sustainability has reached its tipping point. With climate change and global warming causing worldwide environmental degradation – and disproportionately affecting marginalized peoples and regions – an increased push is occurring for products, packaging, and industrial practices to become more sustainable and to create less waste.

That’s where researchers such as born-and-raised in India Dr. Manjusri Misra come in. She’s providing cutting-edge training and opportunities for our world to become much more environmentally conscious, moving forward.

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