Usman Ahmad

PhD Research Scholar
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India
School of Social Work
Research thematic keywords: 
Unpaid Work, Women's Health, Publich Health, Community Health
Research region keywords: 
Uttarakhand, India

My doctoral research focuses on studying 'unpaid work and women's health'. Women are responsible for most of the unpaid work in the home in developing countries like India. A unique trend of unpaid workload is found in rural, hilly, and remote areas of Uttarakhand State. Women are responsible for domestic chores, child care, elder care, rearing and selling livestock and bringing water, firewood and fodder for domestic animals. Women also perform agricultural activities in their fields. The high burden of unpaid workload affects their health. This area is less explored and not given much attention. Therefore, my study aims to understand the types of unpaid work that Kumaoni women perform as a part of their daily routine and how they conceptualize their work. This research also attempts to understand the sociocultural factors that increase women's unpaid workload. The study also aims to understand the influence of unpaid workload on women's health and how women address their health issues.

I would like to be a member of CIRCLE as this platform will provide me the opportunity to participate in various research seminars. Also, I shall be happy to present my research work on this platform.