Samanpreet Baweja

Associate Professor
Department of Soil and Water Engineering
Punjab Agricultural University
Research thematic keywords: 
Groundwater, Soil and Water, Crop Modelling, Climate Change
Research region keywords: 
Punjab, Northwest India, Indo-gangetic basin, lower Satluj basin

Focus on solving complex large-scale applied problems on water resource assessment and management, climate change impact adaptation studies using crop and groundwater modeling studies. Also interested in developing site specific groundwater recharge techniques.

As a CIRCLE member, I anticipate an opportunity for constant engagement with University of Guelph to remain abreast with the latest development in research on water management. Water is an issue with the developing countries and understanding innovations and news ways in water management can be beneficial to combat the problem to some scale. The University has a very good understanding of the pathways of pollutants in surface water through modeling and field studies. The research can be applied to understand the pollution related issues in India