Manjusri Misra

Research thematic keywords: 
Biobased Materials, Nanotechnology, Bio-nanocomposites, Biopolymers, Bioeconomy, Polymer Processing, Nanostructure, Barrier Packaging, 3D Printing
Research region keywords: 
Asia (India)

The extraction, development, and modification of nanomaterials from biobased materials from renewable feedstocks. The utilization of biobased nanostructures to develop alternative energy storage devices. Reactive melt extrusion to fabricate polymer blends.

Dr. Anup Ghosh (IIT Delhi); Dr. Singaravelu Vivekanandhan (VHNSN College (M.K. University)); Mahindra and Mahindra, India; Maruti New Delhi, India; Tata Motors Pune India