Khushboo Ahire

Khushboo Ahire
PhD Candidate
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
School of Development Studies
Research thematic keywords: 
Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Gender, Community Participation, Population Ageing, Renewable Energy, Development Studies, Corporate Social Responsibility and Management

I am presently associated with a Swansea University, UK collaborated SUNRISE project as a Knowledge and Innovation Research Fellow.
My research interests include- Community Participation in Sustainable and Inclusive Development, Climate Change, Population Ageing, and Corporate Social Responsibility. I am a mixed-methods researcher with extensive experience in conducting social studies and implementing development initiatives. I am passionate about enhancing the quality of life of the marginalized population through social science research. I hold postgraduate degrees in Development Studies and Social Welfare Administration.

I would like to join in serving the purpose of CIRCLE by bringing out quality research and collaborations for contributing to the body of knowledge. Such associations would emphasize having different perspectives on Indo-Canadian contemporary social issues, policies and programmes. Overall it would be a great way of exchanging ideas and working on possible solutions through empirical research activities.