Ayan Biswas

Ayan Biswas
Visiting Research Scholar
Jadavpur University
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Research thematic keywords: 
Electronic sensor development, Mobile app and software development, Soil sensor development
Research region keywords: 
India, Canada

I joined the University of Guelph in the month of June 2022 as a Visiting Research Scholar to conduct my research in the field of Mobile application-based soil characterization techniques.

In future, I want to contribute more to the field of electronics and computer science and their application to environmental sciences.

Also in future, I want to develop joint research initiatives between my home university and Canadian universities.

I want to be part of CIRCLE to make a new connection in the research community in Canada and continue further research in Canadian Universities.

I can bring my previous Indian research experience to CIRCLE and as well as my previous connection with Indian students and professors will bring more and more research initiatives to CIRCLE.