Aadhyashree Pant

Masters Student in Capacity Development Extension and International Development Studies
University of Guelph
Ontario Agricultural College (SEDRD)
Research thematic keywords: 
Gender equality, sustainable development, food security, micro finance, economic development, livelihoods, Queer Theory
Research region keywords: 
South Asia, Nepal, Small state islands, rural regions

In addition to my identity of being South Asian, South Asia is such a heterogenous region with vast resources and knowledge that the development world can acquire so much knowledge from. This goes for various other topics but especially for development- learning to apply cultural sensitivity, as well as acknowledge the multifariousness in each region where development practices are conducted is especially relevant as we decolonize the way development operates, and South Asia is such a great region to learn from.

CIRCLE offers such a wide range of topics and perspectives. The diversity in the members of CIRCLE has been one of my favourite aspects of CIRCLE- I find that there are numerous members I’m able to learn so much from. Through this, CIRCLE has allowed me to explore ideas, and knowledge relating to development through increasing awareness and access to research pertaining to South Asia. It has been very beneficial to me as a South Asian woman, and as a Development scholar.