Webinar: Viral Practices, Viral Times: Jugaad as Logistics

Date and Time

Webinar: Viral Practices, Viral Times: Jugaad as Logistics


This webinar focuses on the ecology of practices known as jugaad — common improvisations and 'workarounds' used differently by elites and subaltern peoples in India. Jugaad ecologies are crucial to social reproduction and to governance, business and management practices, shaping the very logistics of India cities like Mumbai. The session will explore the adaptation of this complex ecology in a post COVID-19 context.

Presented by the Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement and the International Institute of Critical Studies in Improvisation.

Webinar Speakers

  • Shahana Chattaraj | Visitng Fellow, Centre for Policy Research; Director, Research Data & Innovation, World Resources Institute, New Delhi
  • Amit S. Rai | Reader, Creative Industries and Arts Organising, Queen Mary University of London
  • Rachna Kumar | Independent Researcher and Filmmaker, Mumbai
  • Shiva Thorat | Independent Researcher and Filmmaker, Mumbai

Event Recording

Jugaad as Logistics Webinar Transcript

Captioning and transcription by:

Ariel Oleynikov -  5th year student of a BA Honours program with a major in psychology and minor in theatre studies. She is also the Managing Editor at Critical Studies in Improvisation/ Études critiques en improvisation

Areej Amer - 3rd year Bachelors of Arts and Science (double minor in Neuroscience and Psychology)

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