Are you an Indian International Student in Canada?

Resources for International Students in Canada

International students in Canada face a range of questions and challenges such as financial stability, food security, mental health, medical concerns, access to basic services, legal status, and social inclusion and well-being. CIRCLE hosted a webinar—Indian International Students in Canada: Migration Trajectories, Educational Experience and Economic Outcomes—in Fall 2020.

Several community-based organizations are working to highlight these issues and to support international students. Here we present a selection of articles, reports, websites and videos that offer insights from such work and provide resources. These have been made available by community-based organizations working with South Asian and immigrant communities in southwestern Ontario. We hope to update this page as we gather more such information.


University of Guelph Resources

Indus Community Services and Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS)

Indus and PCHS have recently released a report that analyzes the lived experiences of international students in the Peel Region of Ontario.

Soch Mental Health

Soch's Pardesi Project uses short films to address mental health challenges of South Asian international students.

Learn more about Soch's Pardesi Project

The Sikh Channel created the Apni Soch video series to challenge perceptions and stigma around mental health. In each episode, a health professional or community member talks about a mental health theme.

Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership has prepared two reports about international students in Guelph and Wellington who are seeking permanent residence:


Laadliyan's Udaari program supports female South Asian international students in the Greater Toronto Area with their settlement and academic journey by connecting them with support and resources related to sexual and mental health, settlement and immigration, legal education, food security and professional development.

Learn more about Laadliyan's Udaari program and watch short informative videos

Laadliyan's International Student Emergency Fund helps female South Asian international students in the Peel Region by providing groceries, hygiene products, clothing, transportation, rent relief, medical and legal support and more.

Learn more about Laadliyan's International Student Emergency Fund

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